Ambience Videos I Adore

One thing you might not know about me is that I’m a huge sucker for cozy ambience videos on YouTube. The right ambience video can help me sleep at night, relax after a tough day at work, or focus on my writing.

Ambience videos are videos you can find on YouTube or other sites that have relaxing white noise and immersive visuals to put you in the place of whatever it’s trying to depict, whether it’s a medieval tavern, a wild western saloon, or a campfire.

Like I said, they can help with relaxing and concentrating, but for some of us they can also bring feelings of precious nostalgia. Here are some ambience videos that do that for me, with their YouTube links.

Morrowind Ambient Sounds and Music Hidden Camp

This is by YouTuber “Lingering Fungus,” whom I have subscribed to. The campfire sounds, the scenery, and the timeless soundtrack of The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind make for a cozy ambience video to doze off to.

Fallout: New Vegas Ambience and Music | Prospector Saloon

This is by YouTuber “comfy savage,” whom I am also subscribed to. This brings me back to those early days in high school when I played Fallout: New Vegas. It honestly makes me want to put my head down on the booth tables and just nap until the sun goes down.

Skyrim – Drelas’ Cottage Ambience (rain on windows, fireplace, white noise)

This is by YouTuber “Ambiance Magic,” who I’m also subscribed to. This is an ambience video that lets me fall asleep when I’m restless, and I can snuggle into slumber with this on the television.

There’s some ambience videos I’m looking for though. I’ve been hoping to find ambience videos for a Lothering tavern in Dragon Age: Origins, or a bunker ambience, a Wall-E’s home ambience, or a Roman ambience.

Do you know of any that fit those descriptions? Or any other ambience videos you’d recommend?

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