Meme I made about my journey through making TapestrY

So, I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve found new energy to devote to posting, so, here goes.

I started designing and testing TapestrY as a final-semester senior in undergrad at Pace University. I was laying awake in bed one night and I thought of a gameplay mechanic that would be neat to put into a game. From there, I built TapestrY (which we called TEMPRA at the time, an acronym for ‘TEMP Rpg Acronym) around that mechanic.

That old game mechanic, which I won’t mention here, is no longer a part of TapestrY, but TapestrY has been being tested, designed, reworked, cut down, simplified, expanded, for the last four years and three months.

I think I’d like to discuss my journey through designing and play-testing TapestrY, and I will, but I will post this meme first as a reference for anyone who reads my following posts in the next few days.

The general order of settings we’ve gone through:

  1. Chronicles of Kythera
  2. The Period Pieces
  3. Warband
  4. Noble Fates
  5. Shattered Realms, Broken World, Star Dharma
  6. (Coming Soon) TapestrY: Iron Dawn

I also greatly evolved so much as a person during these last four years and three months that I feel that my personal development during this time is just as important, and definitely intertwined with my development of TapestrY.

One of the main lessons I learned right off the bat from committing myself to making TapestrY though, is that things don’t always have to go the way you thought they would for them to go well for you. You cannot plan your life to the detail and still live a fulfilling life: things happen as they will, and all you have control over is your own actions. How you respond to the cards the world deals to you, is in your hands.

I hope that, when you read about my journey as a game designer, you will feel something good, learn something important, or feel inspired or validated in some way. I’m not the world’s biggest person, far from it, I’m just a buddy, but I hope what I went through helps you in some way.


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