Intro to me

I like to be called Jubba or Jubbaman or Jubbaman DeWubba by friends, but my real/author name is Jayakrishnan Kottaram.

I’m the son of two Malayalee immigrants, I’m a Shaivite Hindu, and I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens.

Pic of me in my backyard.

I’ve been writing stories since I was 7 years old, I’ve been trying to make games since I was 9 years old, and I’m currently a writer and game designer.

My book series that I’m querying is called “The Sixteen Trials” and I’ve made the general plot for the first fifteen of those books. They’re a set of narrative poetry epic fantasy books, and I’ve already finished the first book.

My books are inspired by Hindu/Dharmic lore, and the style is inspired by Sangam-era Tamil poetry.

My Tabletop RPG is called TapestrY, it’s a proficiency-based RPG that has a setting I’ve dubbed as “historical mytho-fantasy.” Like the name would suggest, it draws from history, mythology, and fantasy. One easy way to think about it? “Historical people use fantastical powers to slay mythological enemies.”

Cute little banner I made, saying my game’s name.

I’m all about Wubba, my personal philosophy, which stands for







I’m going to discuss Wubba stuff, things that make laugh, RPG/game design, poetry, fantasy stuff, some post apocalyptic stuff, cute animals (really just bears, cats, and raccoons), my miscellaneous thoughts, and memes I make.

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